Paranormal Games You Should Never Play- NEVER!

Does ghost stories excite you? If yes, then this piece of information is just for you.

You might have played many fun games in your life but you might have never heard about these horrific games which have claimed many lives while others have felt near-death experiences. Here we are talking about scary paranormal games you should know about but never try-never, ever. This can be detrimental for your life and might also create disturbances in environment around you. Check them out here-

The Ouija Board Game


You might have heard about this game from your grandparents. If not, let us help you to understand that this game is so scary that you shouldn’t even think of playing it alone. This game was invented in the 19th century but people are still scared of this specific game. It is believed that spirits can be attracted in this world through this game. It is played on Ouija Flex Board which contains numbers and alphabets. Many people have lost their lives while playing this game. Even scientists have claimed it to be one of the terrifying games in the world.

Three Kings Cross


This is also a very popular game and can be played only in the dark. To experience the real adventure, it is said that this game should be played exactly at 3.30 AM and end this before 4.44 AM. You need to roam around in your home with a candle in your hand, to play this game. You might actually get scared while doing this activity but do not try if you do not trust your partner, you are playing with.

The Dark Reflection Game


This is more like a ritual than game. Just find a mirror where you can stand. You need to look into the mirror holding a flame in your hand till the time mirror gets a black spot. Mind it, it is really tough and few people have lost their lives while trying this activity. Though it sounds easy but it is really very scary and if you are still breathing, even after trying this game, then you are very lucky.


One Man Hide and Seek

This is one of the terrifying games and many people have actually lost their lives while playing it. Also known as the Hitori Kakurenbo, here is how you have to play this game-

Get up at 3am in the morning and decide a nickname for your doll. Repeat that name thrice. Take that doll to your bathroom and immerse the doll into water. After this, switch on the television and switch off all the lights of your home. Count till 10 and go back to the bathroom to get the doll out of the water. Slap the doll thrice and repeat ‘I seek You’. Hide that doll once again. Remember, while you are playing this game, you should have a mouth full of salted water but you don’t have to swallow it. Throw the water into a cup and repeat this thrice- I won the game.

Though it sounds easy, but it isn’t. Remember, you have to be alone while playing this game and lights should be switched off compulsorily.

The Elevator Game

This is one of the popular games in Korea and you need to go to a building which has more than 10 floors to play this game. You can play this game only at night. go to an elevator and switch off the lights. Press floor buttons in the sequence of 4-2-6-2-10-5. As soon as you will reach 5th floor, you will be able to feel paranormal activities around you. Many people have died while playing this game due to heartache. If you want to end this game, press the buttons in the same sequence



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