Review: Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh


Regardless of the partition everywhere throughout the nation, Mano Majra is by all accounts aloof from all of it. Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs still live in harmony. On the banks of Sutlej and the border town of Indo-Pak, it is by all accounts an abnormal special case to the events. Like every good thing is short lived, a train makes its passage to the town discarding the peace and quietness of the spot until the end of time.

Plot: Hukum Chand, Juggut Singh and Iqbal are the main characters of the book. Hukum Singh is the village magistrate who has his offer of cleverness yet not being detestable, Juggut is somewhat of a local criminal, well assembled and frequently detained for unimportant crimes, while Iqbal, a social worker ventures to every part of the rustic range in the expectation of raising an uprising.. Juggut Singh is infatuated with Nooran, the nearby Mullah’s daughter.

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Ram Lal is slaughtered by neighborhood dacoit gang yet Juggut is captured as a suspect and put along Iqbal. While Iqbal’s musings and belief systems are impacted by his education and experiences he had abroad, while Juggut understands that he can never lead a typical life in his town with the sort of person he has been potrayed. Both their mental contemplations weave a bigger considerations reaching out far investigating more human vantage of social and religious condition of post Independent India.

About the Author: Khushwant Singh was born on 2 February 1915 in Hadali, British India, now in a portion of Punjab, Pakistan, was a famous Indian author and writer. Singh’s column, “With Malice towards One and All”, printed by a few Indian daily papers, was among the most generally read segments in the nation.Image result for train to pakistan

Verdict: The book incidentally depicts the horror that India’s partition made. Despite winning the freedom of the nation, they put in question things that ought to have been clearly avoided. Nobody is blamed in the book yet it investigates on how innocent individuals’ lives were tossed apart without any reason.

Keeping that at the top of the priority list, Singh made the judge to arrange the Muslims to leave India. This decision of Singh is as an exasperating one that makes one think on how individuals of that time would have felt leaving their homes and places like refugees for the fear of life one fine day.

What I enjoyed was Singh has attempted to bring the heartbeat of people amid the partition. Individuals were subjected to n number of injuries for no flaws of theirs. Blood slaughter is all through regarding assault, homicide and loot. The frequenting memories are carried bursting at the seams with Singh’s detailing. Juggut’s words make an imprint on a large portion of the times.

A conspiracy is played to wreck the train that conveys Muslim to Pakistan, Chand hears it and let Juggut and Iqbal to safeguard the people however Juggut is passed out. The end is entirely sensational and the name of the individual who spares so many lives at the expense of his own is not uncovered.

This book is an absolute must read for each one of the individuals who need to get a look at what had happened as outcome of a consequence amongst the most disheartened scenes of the historical backdrop of the subcontinent as well as in mankind’s history.

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