Review: Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


Two young ladies, raised as sisters, constantly together, as nearer as two can be the point at which their lives are wrecked as a family secret is uncovered. This mystery will pull the young ladies from each other and send them in various ways. Read this review about Sister of My Heart by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. 

Plot: Anju is the daughter of an upper-caste family of distinction in Calcutta. Sudha is the little girl of the odd one out of that same family. Sudha is startlingly lovely; Anju is definitely not. In spite of these distinctions, since the day the two young ladies were born – that day their fathers passed away, strangely and fiercely – Sudha and Anju have been sisters of the heart.

Reinforced in ways even their mums can’t fathom, the two young ladies develop into womanhood as though their destinies, and in addition, their hearts, are blended. At the point when Sudha takes in a family secret, that association is debilitated. Without precedent for their lives, the young ladies realize what it is to feel suspicion and doubt – Sudha, in light of the fact that she feels another disgrace that she can’t share with Anju; and Anju, on the grounds that she finds the enchanting force of her sister’s excellence, a power Sudha herself is unequipped for controlling.

At the point when, because of an adjustment in family fortune, the young ladies are wedded into arranged unions, their lives take inverse turns. One goes to America, and one stays in India; both have lives of mysteries. At the point when disaster strikes them two, in any case, they find that, regardless of separation and marriage, they should swing to each other at the end of the day.

Particularly moving, sensational, and wonderfully written, Sister of My Heart is an energetic novel about the uncommon bond between two ladies, and the jealousies, loves, and family histories that undermine to shred them. Just an author of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s affectability could make a story as intense as it is strong, and as consistent with the complexities of the human heart.

About the Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award-winning writer and poetess. Her subjects incorporate the Indian experience, contemporary America, women, movement, history, myth, and the delights and difficulties of living in a multicultural world. She was born in India and lived there until 1976, and soon thereafter she left Calcutta and went to the United States. She proceeded with her education in the field of English by getting a Master’s degree from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

Her books Palace of Illusions, Sister of My Heart, One Amazing Thing and Oleander Girl are as of now during the time spent being made into motion pictures. Her works have been interpreted into 29 languages, including Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi and Japanese. Divakaruni likewise composes for youngsters and young adults.

Verdict: The biographies of the five ladies showcased in this novel are motivating, moving, and appalling. The amount of sacrifice, oppression and hurt continued to “secure” one’s family name and social standing are hard to witness. However, while it is frequently the ladies giving up for the sake of familial substance and achievement, we discover that men additionally endure in ways that are distinctive, yet all too well known.

This is a perfectly written book, one that contains a story that will probably stay with its readers for a long, long time. I’m not certain if it’s the perfection of Divakaruni’s exposition or the tall tale quality which she deftly joins into the story, however reading this book is a standout amongst the richest and fulfilling reading encounters I have had in quite a while.

I’m reluctant to compose a review as I’m not certain that I can write anything that will give this book the fairness it merits. Be that as it may, I will say this: Divakaruni takes a basic story, wraps it up in layers of different stories, and after that gives the story life by painting trustworthy characters and permitting them to determine their own issues without swooping in and explaining everything with fantastical authorial supremacy.

In the event that I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I would.

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