Review – Lights, Camera, Action Cafe, Rajouri Garden, Delhi

Lights Camera Action Rajouri Garden New Delhi Review-min

Rajouri Garden’s main market road has many bars, restaurants and cafes. Among those you can easily find Lights Camera Action – Air aka LCA Bar, located at opposite to Deck – The Sky Bar. It is a two-floor bar. One of them is indoor while the upper floor is a rooftop area where you can enjoy your food. Recently, me and my friends visited this place for good booze and food. How is this place according to my experience, I am writing it below.

Lights Camera Action Rajouri Garden New Delhi Review-min


The ambience of the cafe is a kind of good. Nothing makes it special in-door. But the rooftop has a feel which can be considered ideal for special date or group hangouts. Another thing you which you might like is, the Delhi Metro upfront view from the rooftop. The crowd was undoubtedly good.


The music was quite good. Till the peak party hours, you can hear some good English tracks.


The food was very ordinary. I am a die-hard non-vegetarian foodie. So, I ordered few meat items from the menu like Chicken Lollypops etc. but couldn’t find anything tasty over there. Thus, I decided to try few things in veg too. But apart from Nachos, nothing has an impressive taste.

In Liquor, we tired LIIT to check out the taste. But, it was very much ordinary. Against a good cost, we got that little baby Hookah which can be rated average in performance.


After ordering Nachos, we have to wait for half an hour and have to poke the service person twice for it. You can imagine who much time do they take for food preparation. Even, the Hookah was also served after almost 20 minutes. The service is very slow, really slow. I don’t know for what they were asking for service charges in the bill.

Ratings : 1.5/5

Conclusion : Until-unless I am out of good options. I won’t prefer to visit this place again. Against a good bill, you won’t be able to satisfy your appetite as well as mood (personal experience).

Saurabh Rai is a dreamer but a blogger, entrepreneur and a marketer by profession ;)

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