Review: The Great Kebab Factory, Sector 18, Noida

First thing first, there is nothing great about The Great Kebab Factory, so it’s better you keep your expectations ground low. Chances are less that you get due attention from the serving staff but if you do, please feel free to write to us.

To start with, The Great Kebab Factory lies very close to sector 18 Metro Station and you can walk down to the place in just 10 minutes. The closest landmark to this place is Dharam Palace. The ambiance is just average and you can find families brunching, especially on Sundays.

The menu is wide and varied when it comes to buffet meal but have few options if you want to order singlets. The food is not as tasty as it might look (if you are lucky). Don’t forget to use Odomos if you are planning to visit here as this is a serious concern which makes me feel bad about this place. And when you complaint about this, sadly, there is no one to hear it.

Food! If you are a Kebab lover, you are going to hate this place. First of all, there are going to take it almost forever to bring your order and if they does, just be wary how well the pieces are good. The plate I ordered had uncooked bits of Kebab, which makes it awfully bitter experience for me. It might be a matter of chance but yes, I am not going to refer this place to someone I know. 

The only good thing about this place was…. umm.. almost nothing! Yes, I didn’t find anything good or worth mentioning about this place. If you managed to find some, please comment below 🙂

Rating: 1.5/5

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