Review: Chhalava (छLava), Greater Kailash (GK-2), Delhi

Recently, I visited Chhalava Cafe (छLava) which is located at one of the most happening location of Delhi, M Block Market, Greater Kailash-2. Being a regular visitor of GK-2, I saw this name very first time. A newly launched cafe with an attractive name made me to explore it. What was my experience with them, I am sharing it with you here.


The two floored cafe has a good atmosphere inside. The lower one has a decent bar and dance floor as well. Whereas the upper floor has open area and a good restaurant type look. Sitting in the balcony was a good experience. Even the lower floor has giant glass windows which makes it attractive.

my experience review at Chhalava GK-2


The DJ was awesome and music system was great. You will be able to listen all kind of music over there i.e. Sufi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hollywood, Pop etc. In short, it will be difficult for you to stop yourself dancing.


A large range of food menu is enough to give you taste. I am Biryani lover and I actually got a decent dish over there. We have also tried few other veg and non-veg snacks too. Nothing can be downrated among them.


Variety of alcohol in variety of brands are available in the bar counter. In fact, we have also tried a giant fire shot there. It was enough to make us move.


The staff of Chhalava was really cooperative, decent, professional and highly responsive. Since it’s a newly launched place so may its obvious. But still, even after visiting thrice I found them like that only.

For Hookah Lovers

As I am a big hookah lover, I would suggest you to visit this place at least once. I haven’t had such kind of hookah on so many places in Delhi. It was awesome and they prepare according to your demand. I will highly recommend you to at least visit once for the sake of Sheesha only.

Everything was very decent over there. Being a recently started cafe the crowd as a bit less. But I hope by the passage of time it will also increase. As for now I will rate Chhalava Resto-Bar as :

Rating : 3.5/5

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