Review: Arranged Marriage: Stories by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


Words like “Arranged Marriage” summon pictures of ladies with their faces hidden, domineering spouses and harshly huge families. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni in her book, Arranged Marriage, depicts this element inside India or Indian Diaspora in an assortment of signs that assemble and afterward destroy these generalizations. Like Indian marriages, the stories in this book are tied on numerous levels. All through her book, Divakaruni weaves subjects of family respect and women in terrible marriages.

Plot: In “The Bats,” a young lady battles to comprehend both her abusive father and a mother who stays with him in spite of the agony he causes them two. “Garments” recounts the account of Sumita, a young lady whose marriage to an Indian man in United States of America has been arranged. She goes to the United States, and finds a radical better approach of life when her significant other kicks the bucket and she confronts the choice of staying in America or about-facing to India to live with her in-laws.

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Another terrifying story in the book is “The Ultrasound,” in which a young lady in India is compelled to have a foetus removal in light of the fact that a ultrasound shows that her first-conceived kid will be a little girl. Also, again another story, “Entryways,” the character Preeti, subsequent to moving to the United States, has come to love the western idea of privacy. She confronts a dilemma when her significant other’s cousin needs to come live with them. She needs to battle against her significant other’s perspective of a customary Indian spouse.

Verdict: As a matter of first importance, this book ought to be read by each Indian lady who has stood up to or will stand up to the conventional deterrents in the life on an Indian lady. In this book they will discover extraordinary consolation not to surrender and to keep it together. A few ladies will ideally even have the capacity to leave this terrible state of life where generalizations limits still speak to a gigantic obstruction for the free advancement of their uniqueness. Next, the book ought to be read by all other ladies of various foundations, groups, and ages, who have comparable obstructions in life.

At last, I suggest this book for those individuals who can identify with issues such issues as bigotry, interracial connections, monetary difference, foetus removal, and separation on the grounds that despite the fact that not you are not as a matter of course being hit by the issues an Indian lady confronts her entire life, it is essential not to be totally unmindful of how hard an existence of an abused lady can be.

Made out of short stories, where no two are similar however together give an unimaginable feeling of agreement and leaves each reader with a profound impression. With all these short stories Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni wants particularly Indian ladies to be solid and aware of the qualities every single one of them has and needs to bring out the likelihood of progress, of beginning once more.

Arranged Marriage is an essential work, offering voices to Indian-American ladies, be they in love marriages or arranged marriages.

About the Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award winning writer and poetess. Her subjects incorporate the Indian experience, contemporary America, women, movement, history, myth, and the delights and difficulties of living in a multicultural world.

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