Proof : Uber giving 20% cashback to Standard Chartered Credit Card Users

In October 2016, Uber started global offer of 20% cashback on all rides billed through Standard Chartered Credit Cards valid till 30 September, 2017. Being a regular rider of Uber Cabs, I decided to add my StanC Credit Card in Uber account.

Before this offer, I used to pay through cash. Then, I also used Paytm wallet too, because adding Rs. 222/- gives you 20% extra to use in Uber cabs only. But this offer doesn’t work always. So, I decided to use my Standard Chartered Credit Card.

Important For You

1. Get 3 rides worth Rs. 50/- each. Install Uber app and create account using code – SAURABHR21

2. FILL THIS FORM to Apply for a Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card.

BTW, you can also apply for a Standard Chartered Card. Submit this form and get upto Rs. 600/- cashback per month, like I did. They offer various kind of discounts, deals and cashback on online (i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.) as well as offline shopping too (i.e. Lifestyle, Max, Home Center etc.). I am very much satisfied with their offers and services as well.


Back to the topic, in October 2016, I took various rides and paid through Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card. On 24th November, I got Rs. 70.84 credited into my Credit Card (check the screenshot of above my credit card statement).

So, as Uber promised users around globe will be getting 20% cashback against their travelling expenses in StanC Credit Card.

If you also use cabs to travel around in your city, I personally recommend you to get a Standard Chartered Credit Card and use it with your Uber account. As the offer remains active till September, 2017 and you can get cashback upto Rs. 600/- per month which is quite much according to your monthly cab expenses.

Saurabh Rai is a dreamer but a blogger, entrepreneur and a marketer by profession ;)

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