Humans Are Old School, Meet These Social Media ‘Stars’


All of you have seen various fan pages on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You may have also subscribed or liked some of these pages too. But have you liked any of the fan pages which does not belong to a human being or any entity or any organisation, but of an animal? Here are some of the social media stars, having a huge fan following on various social media platform.

1. Sockington

“Sockington” is a cat who lives in Waltham, Massachusetts. This cat has almost 1.48 million followers on Twitter which rose up to 1.50 million in 2010. Interesting, isn’t it? Sockington made a debut on social networking sites in 2007. Jason Scott is the co-owner of this account. In July 2014, “Pet Power Player” Association listed Sockington on first place in Pet Social Media Sensation.


2. Boo

“Boo” is very cute “Pomeranian” dog, and its Facebook Page has more than 17 million likes. This dog got famous in 2010 when singer “Kesha” tweeted related to “Boo” and wrote that this is my new boyfriend. He was born in San Francisco on 16th March 2016. His favourite pastime is wearing shirts. Cool na?


3. Raccoon Willie

“Raccoon Willie” is a cute YouTuber and has its own YouTube Channel. Around 9 years ago, one of Raccoon’s videos got viral and approximately 1.9 million viewers watch this video on YouTube. Moreover, Willie also got “Nobel Peace Prize” and “Rodent of the Year” award too. It is not less than a miracle.

Racoon Willie

4. Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

It is not a simple snake, but it is among the most dangerous cobra snakes in the world and it has more than 200k followers on Twitter. Currently, it is living in Bronx Zoo, New York. This Cobra has joined social media in March 2011 and he is gaining huge fan following day by day.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra

5. JFK Turtles

“JFK Turtles” is a very famous tortoise and is seen mostly at the JFK Airport, New York. It has around 5k followers on Twitter and his popularity on rise.

JFK Turtles

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