An Interview with Mr. Rahul Walia, YES API Pvt. Ltd.

Its not everyday when you get the chance to meet the legends. But when it happens, we make sure that it becomes memorable. Something similar happened when Saurabh Rai met Rahul Walia for a candid interview. As everyone knows, Rahul is popularly known as Josh Machine, and is coming up with new concept known as YES API, under the banner of YES API Pvt. Ltd. He shared his vision, mission and various details about his upcoming venture which will be focused upon college students and all those individuals who have business ideas in their mind. Mr. Rahul Walia is the Managing Director, Chairman and Founder of YES API.

While discussing the challenges of today’s competitive environment, Walia also shared his past experiences  and journey so far of being one of the most successful networking marketer in India. Saurabh and Rahul, both touched various aspects of current start up culture- about VC funding model, success of self-funded start ups and motivational tips for budding entrepreneurs.

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  • Jyotsana Kaushik Link

    Indeed a worth watch ! Thanku 🙂

  • Awesome inspiring video! May YESAPI turn out be the best entrepreneur producer. GOD BLESS YES!

  • Surbhi Gupta Link

    Insightful !

  • Abhilash kumar Link

    awesome video and i belive that YESAPI is the best plateform for everyone

  • Vineet Sajwan Link

    Yes here are some serious n worthy talks for our youth. Nice video, nice discussion (y).

  • soni shakya Link

    Its so awesome inspiring video for me,
    Great,great an all………!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • welcome1

  • It’s an awsome video to create a positive mind …….. It’ Great……..nice

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