Unknown facts about J Jayalalitha

J Jayalalitha was one of the most popular leaders of India and was considered as the ‘Amma’ in Tamil Nadu. She breathed her last in Chennai’s Apollo Hospital on 6th December 2016. She was serving as the Cheif Minister of Tamil Nadu and was hospitalized because of sudden cardiac arrest. Here are few interesting facts about the leading lady of the nation:-

  1. Jayalalitha is a trained classical dancer and knows various art forms including Bharatnatyam, Manipuri and Kathak. She also knows classical piano and got her training in classical music as well.
  2. Jayalalitha also starred in one Bollywood Hindi film, Izzat, opposite Dharmendra in 1968
  3. Jayalalitha is the youngest and the first female Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to complete her full term.
  4. If the sources are to believed, Jayalalitha draws one rupee as a state Chief Minister.
  5. Jayalalitha was the highest paid actress between 1965 and 1980 and had acted in 140 films, out of which, 120 were blockbusters
  6. Jayalalitha has a foster son, Sudhagaran, whose wedding holds the record of being the largest banquet, attended by 1,50,000 guests.
  7. Jayalalitha had fan girl crush on the cricketer MAK Pataudi and used to go to watch matches just to check him out through binoculars.

Certainly, these facts were unknown to many. Keep sharing this post to let others know these interesting facts about the Iron Lady of India.


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