An Inspiration For All: Smita Tandi

Ever wondered how truly inspiring faces look like? Meet Smita Tandi and you will know it-

A constable by profession, Smita Tandi has emerged as a true face of inspiring figures. Recently, she was awarded ‘Naari Shakti‘ Award by the President of India on International Women’s Day. Based in Chattisgarh, she comes from a very modest background. But, she is fighting against all odds and helping poor, needy families who are struggling to meet their medical expenses.

Who would have thought that Facebook can be a medium to raise funds for those who are in need? For Tandi, it is her daily task. She has almost 7-8 lakh followers on Facebook who comes from different background. She regularly posts about people who are in need along with the contact details of the concerned family. Those who are interested in helping reaches out to the person directly. Basically, she follows the crowdfunding model to help others which is indeed a very innovative and never heard before concept. So far, Smita has helped over 50 families who were unable to pay for their medical emergencies.

According to Smita, it was her father’s struggle against pancreatic attack, followed by his death, that played a key role in making her what she is today- a saviour.

Catch Saurabh Rai in a candid interview with the most incredible lady of today-

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