Have you ever faced the torturing from Ola, Uber? Now read this!

It is the fact that private cab services in India has actually revolutionalize the way Indians commute in tier I,II cities. But at times they have been responsible for sheer harassment and frustration. Cases of being overcharged by Ola, Uber Cabs have appeared in media very frequent and often.

It was 6 o’ clock in the wintery morning of 2016. 27th Jan, when most of the people were returning from their long weekend, I was also one of them. Since I knew that no mode of transportation will be available at this time to reach Noida, I decided to check out availability of cabs near Hazrat Nizammudin Railway Station. I logged in Ola- no Ola mini found, single Ola Prime was available for micro second which got invisible as soon as I tried to book it. No worries, I thought as I still have Uber and Taxi for Sure options still open. I checked out Taxi 4 Sure app which takes almost 10 minutes to reach to the server even if you have Airtel 4G connection but I don’t mind it, after all it’s the cheapest one. Hoping to get a taxi that can ply at Rs 5/km, I logged in Taxi for Sure app, but as I was sure off, not a single cab was available within 2km radius. Now I was at the mercy of Uber! I prayed, I sworn and did every possible act to impress god. With heart full of prayers, I logged in to the app and to my delight four Uber Go were waiting for me that too within 10 minutes ETA. To my eagerness, I readily moved by fingers to book the cab. As I tapped on the rates, I was shocked and equally surprised- 4x rates for rush hours.  Rush hour at 6’o clock in the morning! Are you serious???? I wasn’t interested in paying Rs 1,000 to reach Noida from Nizamudin Railway station. Ultimately, I chose the same old, cheapest way of travel- Delhi Metro.

Call it a frustration, irritation or anger- I was pissed and anybody will be, the wishful charging of private operators has to be stopped. However, this was not the first time, here is the second instance I faced-

Traveling in the metro after office is a troubling task, especially if you are going towards Delhi. So I decided to take metro to nearest metro station which lies in Delhi and take a cab from there. I got down at Akshardham to take a cab towards Dilshad Garden. Going by map, I don’t have to cross the UP border and no inter-state tax has to be paid. Here is the map for your instance-


But Ola shamelessly charged me with double the toll. Here is the snapshot of the bill:-


When I got back to Ola customer service, they ridiculed me and said I have entered UP Border, so I will be charged, irrespective of the fact that both the destinations lies within Delhi.

If you too have faced such instances, do write to us and we will share it with the world.


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