Meet The Man Behind Liquor Ban Near Highways

One man can lead the pack. Yes, that’s the fact as you will get to know about Harman Sidhu, the man behind the liquor ban on highways. He single-handedly took the charge of abolishing sale of alcohol within 500-meter radius of highway roads. Here’s more about him-

It was a tragic day in October 1996 when Sidhu’s car fell into the gorge in Himachal Pradesh. Since then he is confined to the wheelchair as the accident made him paralysed neck down. While still in the hospital, he saw several patients around him which were injured during road accidents. As he dug deep into WHO Reports which indicated a sizeable portion of road accidents are caused due to drunk driving, he couldn’t hold back and decided to fight against all odds and make this happen. Smita Tandi, one of the social media activist also shared his story which generated huge responses from active netizens.


Sidhu filed the petition in Punjab and Haryana High Court to ban the liquor shops and pubs along state and national highways as this distracts the drivers. Though High Court ordered in the favour of Sidhu, Punjab and Haryana state government challenged the order in the Supreme Court which has clubbed other related petitions and upheld the HC verdict. During the entire course, he received numerous death threats from liquor barons. In fact, one of them offered him Rs 25 crore to withdraw the petition.

Sidhu is an IT Professional and stays with his parents in Chandigarh. He is really fond of drinking in pubs and bars but strictly against drunk driving.

Though what happened with Sidhu was saddening, it is a mind churning fact that there are 185 liquor shops between Panipat and Jalandhar which are just 291 km away. This mere fact is heart-wrenching and thought-provoking that we have already done enough damage to humanity and to those who have already lost their lives in road mishaps caused due to drunk driving. But at the end, it’s’ better late than never.

We are proud of Harman Sidhu and all those petitioners who are fighting for the greater good against all societal norms.

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