Book Review: Stirred But Not Shaken By Deep Shiva

Stirred But Not Shaken is a recent fiction release by Srishti Publications. The book has been authored by Deep Shiva, who is a media professional. 

The backdrop of the story has been set up in the national capital and unfolds as the protagonist explores corporate culture, wicked office politics and harms of office romance and over ambitious colleagues. Mohit Chawla, the central character comes from the small town and belongs to the humble background. His exposure to the culture of the big city and corporate bosses in his first job rakes his mind. Him being treated as an unwanted person in the company is what everyone would relate to. The manhandling in corporate culture is nothing new and the novel touches the issue very sensitively.

There are two female characters in the story who are two sides of the same coin- both are ambitious but one of them is too mean to fulfill them. One is spoilt by situations and other by choices. The story revolves around how Mohit is smitten by one of them at first and caressed with care and love by the other in the time of dire need.

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The narration takes you through the thick and thin of Protagonist life. However, the possibility of making his choices, life, and background more detailed was wide which the author failed to do.

Book-review-stirred-but-not-shakenIn short, Stirred But Not Shaken is a good read. At times, you would feel to punch the protagonist in his face to wake him up from his oblivion state of blind love but at a certain point, you would feel sympathetic to him.

Ratings: 3/5

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