An Interview with Pramod Jassoria (CEO & Director, CIPL)

Great leaders inspire greatness in others! This time Saurabh met one of such great leaders Pramod Jassoria (CEO & Director, Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.). For those who don’t know, Pramod has actually inspired thousands of modern day entrepreneurs through his marketing skills using a platform known as Corporate Infocom. As he got candid with Saurabh where he shared about his own motivation and why he chose to be an entrepreneur rather than being in 9to6 regular job. Pramod also talked about his own strength, motivation and urge to be big from his teenage days.

Talking about his future plans, Pramod mentioned that no company can be successful without being dynamic. The products, people and plans need to have innovation to lead the pack and win the game. While Saurabh asked about Pramod’s personal journey from being a boy to a successful entrepreneur, our guest comfortably shared why his struggle is important of his life. There’s lot more interesting stuff discussed between these honchos.

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